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My name is Andrew Harricharan. I am a front-end web developer with over a decade of experience in the field. In 2009, I formed the web development studio Procyon 55.

Over the years, I have worked with individual startups, established corporations, and web development agencies to create, maintain, and expand the front-end infrastructure of numerous blogs, websites, and web applications of various sizes and complexities.

In addition to working with standard websites and web applications, I offer experience with eCommerce sites, mobile sites, and HTML emails. I am also knowledgable in various open source web applications and frameworks, such as Wordpress and Bootstrap.

I have experience with various CRM systems, such as ActOn and HubSpot, and regularly provide assistance for organizations to create landing pages and custom HTML emails to help with their marketing efforts.

While I am not a "full-stack" developer, I can work comfortably inside of Ruby on Rails, PHP and Node.js applications to implement custom designs and leverage existing backend functionality inside of the views.

With a focus on best practices, I strive to deliver code that not only performs its intended function, but is easily maintained, and looks just as good behind the scenes as it does client-side.

Featured Works

Epic Film Locations I collaborated with Webficient on this project, and was the lead developer, being involved in all aspects of development. The website is built on Wordpress, and makes use of the Bootstrap framework for the front-end. I sliced a custom design into a Wordpress theme, and implemented all of the user-facing functionality, including the advanced search feature. Other notable features include the implementation of a behind-the-scenes method of keeping track of the popularity of each location, and the ability to download one or all of the images from a listing. The site is fully responsive.

Healthcare Blocks On this project, I worked with the Healthcare Blocks team to create the front-end architecture for their marketing website. This included slicing a custom design, and integrating it with their CMS. Notable features include the pricing configurator, and a custom Formstack implementation. The site is fully responsive, and built on the Bootstrap framework.

Meural This was an exciting project which I collaborated on with Webficient. I handled the creation and implementation of a custom Shopify theme, which leveraged some special functionality built by one of their backend developers. There are many notable features on this site, which cannot be conveyed by the above image alone. Those include the background video intro, a fully responsive layout, and a unique shopping cart UI.

Crownbox Another project that I worked on with the Webficient crew, where my responsibility was to integrate a custom design with the Crownbox application. I leveraged the Bootstrap framework to integrate a beautiful design into the various views across the application. Some notable features include the Javascript-based intro animations on the home page, image cropping functionality for vendor logos and product images, and a tailored UI for uploading CAD files and adding products to the shopping cart from product pages.

Visual Archiving Solutions For this project, I worked with the team at Visual Archiving to build a static marketing website. The result was a fully-responsive site, with a unique user experience. I also assisted with the integration of Google Analytics with custom events to provide insight into the engagement of visitors on the single-page website.

Textile Hive An amazing project commissioned by the team at Textile Hive. I worked with them to build a unique website with a wide array of functionality from the ground up. Some notable features are the splash page, and pages with A/B content, based on the location of the visitor. The website also includes a MailChimp integration for newsletter signups, Eventbrite API integration, a custom-built blog, and a proprietary knowledge base that integrates with the Textile Hive application. The site is fully responsive, and has a unique design that scales based on the browser window/viewport size.

Collector Revolution This is another project which I worked on with Webficient. My responsibility was to slice and integrate a unique design into a custom web application. Unique features include a home page slide, and multiple carousels, custom-styled form controls, and a unique-made UI for the marketplace features. The front-end was created with with Internet Explorer 8 in mind, and utilized progressive enhancement and image assets to remain compatible with the older browser, while still rendering flawlessly in modern ones.